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DADyJones vodka bottle and glass

For a first time drinker of DADyJones vodka, we recommend drinking it neat in order to experience all that it has to offer in terms of smell, taste and smoothness.

Music pairing:

DADyJones vodka is an experience in itself therefore we wanted to pair it with something new and fresh from up and coming artist, Acisse Jay. She's known for her rock/blues style, with a sound that can be described as "the soul of rock".  The acoustic tune of "For You" released in 2019 makes experiencing DADyJones vodka the perfect blend. 

We don't own the copyrights to this music.  For entertainment purposes only.


cocktail called fedora

We thought what better name for our signature cocktail then to call it ‘Fedora’, a great representation of our brand and logo. DADyJones Vodka is proud to offer this light and refreshing cocktail blended with the right amount of sweetness, tartness and finished with the slightest salted bitters.



1.5oz DADyJones Vodka

0.5oz Cinzano Vermouth Bianco

0.5oz Triple Sec

2oz San Pellegrino Sparkling Blood Orange

1/8 Teaspoon Coconut Aminos

Squeeze of fresh blood or regular orange juice

Garnish with a slice of fresh blood or regular orange


In a shaker, combine all ingredients, add ice and shake vigorously.  Pour into a rock glass over fresh ice.  Garnish with a slice of fresh orange.

Optional: Wet the rim of the glass with lemon juice and coat it with a mixture of salt & sugar.

Music Pairing:

It’s a woman’s prerogative if she wants to leave only her hat on for that certain someone. However, she still requires the respect she deserves by having a gentleman tip his hat to her.  After all, it was his suggestion.  Joe Cocker’s “You can leave your hat on”, released in 1986 says it best.

We don't own the copyrights to this music.  For entertainment purposes only.


cocktail called Green Bayou with bottle of DADyJones vodka on a table

Just like a bayou is pretty to look at but at the same time, it can be extremely dangerous, just like this cocktail.  It’s pretty to look at, sweet and strong.  So don’t under estimate it’s power and enjoy it responsibly.



1.5oz DADyJones Vodka

0.5oz Coffee Liquor

0.5oz Blue Curacao

Blue flower of choice for garnish 


In a rock glass filled with ice, pour the vodka, then the coffee liquor.  Top it off with the Blue Curacao.  Do not stir. Garnish with a blue flower.

Music Pairing:

Depending on your age, “Blue Bayou” by Linda Ronstadt, released in 1977, takes you back to a feel good moment as you remember how simple things seemed to be, whether it was the lyrics of the song or the experiences you had back then. Everything seemed easier.  Relax and sip slowly.

We don't own the copyrights to this music.  For entertainment purposes only.


cocktail called Choco Coco Lala

If you’re a coconut and chocolate lover, this is the perfect cheat day cocktail to indulge in.  It’s rich in coconut flavor and texture, with just enough chocolate.



1.5oz DADyJones Vodka

1oz Coconut liquor

1oz Coconut Cream (optional)

2oz Coconut milk

1/2 pack of hot cocoa powder (more or less based on preference)

2 chocolate coconut patties (one for crumbling, one for garnish)

Whipped cream


In a tumbler, mix in all the ingredients.  Add ice and shake vigorously .  Pour into a tall rock glass, crumble one chocolate coconut patty on top.  Finish with whipped cream and a chocolate coconut patty as garnish.

Music Pairing:

Anyone who grew up in the Haitian culture should know about the chocolate song “Chokola” by Alan Cavé, released in 2009.  He sings about a beautiful dark complexion woman he encounters and how much she makes him think of a tasty piece of chocolate that he wants to devour.  The famous hook line is ‘Cho-cho-ko-ko-la-la’.  This drink is inspired by his music, smooth and intoxicating.  Be sure to play it as you sip on this cocktail.  You’ll be singing along “Choco-coco-lala”.

We don't own the copyrights to this music.  For entertainment purposes only.


cocktail called flavor red with bottle of DADyJones vodka and popping rocks

If you grew up drinking Kool-Aid, you’ll remember that whenever someone asked you what flavor you wanted to drink, the response would be the color and not the flavor which meant if you wanted fruit punch flavor, you would say “Red please.”  This drink is an inspiration from that memory. It’s fun and sweet, bringing out that inner kid in you.  Oh, and don’t forget your tongue will turn red.



1.5oz DADyJones Vodka

¼ tea spoon of Kool-Aid Tropical Fruit Punch powder

1oz Simple syrup

2oz of Seltzer

Kool-Aid popping rocks

Cherries for garnish


In a tumbler, pour the vodka, the Kool-Aid powder and the simple syrup. Mix well.  Add the ice and the seltzer and give it a good shake.  Add some of the popping rocks in a rock glass before pouring the cocktail in it and serve some on the side to eat along with the cocktail. Garnish with cherries.

Music Pairing:

Who better to pair this fun cocktail with other than Kool & The Gang “Celebration”, released in 1980.  It will feel like a celebration in your mouth as happy memories of the good ole days come flooding back and those popping rocks explode joyously in your mouth. 

We don't own the copyrights to this music.  For entertainment purposes only.


cocktail called purple rein with bottle of DADyJones vodka bottle

This cocktail may not reign over other cocktails but just the name alone will make you realize who it represents and you will feel good as you sip on it and ponder on the good memories.



1.5oz DADyJones Vodka

0.5oz Grenadine

0.25oz Blue Curacao

0.25oz Select Pilla Liqueur

0.5oz Half & Half

Decorate with a mini umbrella


In a tumbler, mix in all the ingredients together. Pour over ice in a rock glass and decorate with a mini cocktail umbrella.

Music Pairing:

Prince reigned throughout his career with his music, dance moves and fashion style.  His music evoked deep emotions within us whether it was happy or sad.  It didn’t matter what you were doing or where you were, “Purple Rain” released in 1984, would play and you had to engage.  This cocktail is in his honor.

We don't own the copyrights to this music.  For entertainment purposes only.


cocktail called vod'ale with bottle of DADyJones vodka

This was created with women in mind, who don’t particular like beer but wish they could throw one back with the gang, especially when hanging out with beer drinkers.  One thing to keep in mind though, while your buddies may have three beers in a row, sip yours slowly as it contains vodka.



1.5oz DADyJones Vodka

Bottle or can of pale Ale

Finished with Cranberry Juice


In a chilled beer glass pour the vodka, the Ale (3/4 of the glass) and finish it with cranberry juice.  Stir before serving. Make sure all ingredients are ice cold because no ice will be added.


Music pairing:

There are many songs about beer but the one we thought was fitting was “Beer can’t Fix” by Thomas Rhett, ft. Jon Pardi, released in 2019.  True there’s nothing a beer can’t fix and mixed with a little bit more alcohol will definitely fix anything, at least for a moment.

We don't own the copyrights to this music.  For entertainment purposes only.



Caviar for some can be a hard pill to swallow because not everyone can handle the salty and fishy flavor.  We figured how fun would it be to create a sweet caviar, yum!  This is definitely a caviar everyone can enjoy in abundance without grimacing their face.


1.5oz DADyJones Vodka

0.5oz Blackberry brandy

0.25oz Simple syrup

Seltzer water

Fresh blackberries for garnish

Blackberry caviar for garnish

Blackberry Caviar:

De-pulperize (new word) a few blackberries by gently separating the pulps, depending on how many drinks you plan on serving.  Gently mix the pulps (avoid crushing them) with blackberry brandy and simple syrup.  Best to do this a couple of days in advance to allow the the pulps to marinate in the sauce and have a wonderful flavor.

In a tumbler, mix all ingredients with ice.  Shake until chilled and strain in to a martini glass.  Garnish with fresh blackberries on a skew and a scoop of the caviar served in a single serving spoon placed across the glass.  For the finish, dibble some of the caviar juice in the cocktail without mixing it.

Music pairing:

Since this is not a champagne and caviar drink, we wanted a different perspective on the music choice.  "Caviar" by Lenny Tavarez released in 2017, has put a very seductive spin on caviar.


We don't own the copyrights to this music.  For entertainment purposes only.



As told in the story of DADyJones Vodka, the Paeloness villagers created the Hyped Tea to help keep them warm throughout the cold season...visit Our Story page to read the full story.


2oz DADyJones Vodka

2 bags of your favorite tea

Medium size piece of fresh ginger, peeled and cut into small pieces

10 cloves

4 cups of water

Raw honey

1/2 fresh lemon

In a medium size pot, combine the water, ginger, cloves and tea bags over medium to low heat.  Allow it to come to a slow boil for 15 to 30 minutes (depending on how strong you like it).

Serve in a tall cup with some of the pieces of ginger, add honey, lemon juice (all measured to your liking) and DADyJones Vodka.

Slip into something  comfortable and enjoy!

Music pairing:

Oh baby, it's getting cold out there.  That's when you're going to be glad to have a cup of Hyped Tea in your hands, relaxing and listening to a classic like "Baby, It's Cold Outside", released in 1954 by Frank Loesser.


We don't own the copyrights to this music.  For entertainment purposes only.



Strawberry...strawberry...strawberry...can't ever get enough of strawberries.  This cocktail is on strawberry overload, in a good way and so is our music selection.



2oz DADyJones Vodka

1oz Boulaine Creme De Strawberry

0.5oz Campari

2oz Santero Moscato & Strawberry

Put all the ingredients in a shaker with plenty of ice.  Shake vigorously until ice cold.  Pour over fresh strawberries.  Carve a heart in a strawberry for garnish.

Music pairing:

Since we couldn't make up our mind, you get to enjoy two of our favorite classics, The Brothers Johnson "Strawberry Letter 23" released in 1977 AND The Beatles "Strawberry Field Forever" released in 19667. 


We don't own the copyrights to this music.  For entertainment purposes only.


VALENTINE ROSE PETAL DRINK 1 post no writing.png

Valentine's Day is for roses, chocolate, dinner, romancing.  Surprise your valentine by making them this special cocktail.  We are certain this extra effort will be very much appreciated and enjoyed.



1.5oz DADyJones Vodka

1teaspoon Rosewater Flavoring

2 tablespoons white sugar, or to taste

6 fresh mint leaves

12 fresh rose petals

Club soda

Muddle the mint leaves, the rose petals and the sugar in a glass shaker until you get a reddish pink coloring.  Fill the glass with ice.  Add DADyJones Vodka and the rose flavoring.  Stir until well mixed.  In a serving glass, lay at least 4 rose petals at the bottom of the glass before filling it with ice.  Pour the mixture over the ice.  Top off with club soda.  Give it a stir and release the petals from the bottom.  Garnish it with a sprig of mint and add a couple more rose petals on the top.

Music pairing:

A million love songs, a million ways to express your love to your valentine.  We picked Jim Brickman "My Valentine" ft. Martina McBride, released in 1997 because it sorts of meet every generation in the middle.


We don't own the copyrights to this music.  For entertainment purposes only.

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