A vodka out of this world!


The story of DADyJones vodka started in the small village of Pælonĕss (pea-lo-nis), with a population of just above one hundred villagers, which is buried in the mountains on the northern part of Ŏnwőruni (oo-woo-ny), one of the star planets in the galaxy.  The village is rumored to be nestled on powerful soil that is rich in a mineral called Ƨpïlïgy (spi-ee-gy).  Because of its high altitude, the temperature in Pælonĕss remains a consistent negative twenty below degrees all year round, which activates the Ƨpïlïgy to give off this vapor that becomes extremely intoxicating when inhaled.   The town people came to also realize that the Ƨpïlïgy had a warming effect to the body.   So they developed a process to capture the vapors emitting from the Ƨpïlïgy and turning it into a liquid which they called ‘F*aўmbɵ’ (fum-bay), meaning heat and making a special tea with it, called ‘Hўped Tea’ to help keep them warm.  Since no one personally owns the Ƨpïlïgy, all the town people work together day and night, bottling the liquid to have it throughout the year which they use as what we know as vodka.  Till this day, it remains a mystery to those who’ve tried to duplicate the formula.

Copyright 2021

Great story, right!  Too bad it’s fiction.  We figured we would peak your interest.  The true story is that we wanted to create a vodka from back-in-the-day, when vodka had taste, smell and a kick. As much as we appreciate a neutral tasting vodka, it just didn’t do it for us.  We are proud of the robust taste and smell of DADyJones.


 So give it a try, and enjoy it as much as we do!


A spirited spirit!

Marble Surface

We wanted the shape of the bottle to be very modern and basic, slick and elegant. Nothing complicated.

The label also needed to be modern, clean and have an authoritative presence with the combination of colors and shape.  The red letter y is the one thing we wanted to stand out, making it very distinctive and identifiable on the store shelves.

As for the hat, it’s a representation of the man behind the label. Wearing hats is part of his daily wardrobe, and we felt that it was the perfect representation of the brand as well.


DADyJones vodka bottle. glass with ice and liquid, coaster

A vodka unlike any other, 
not to be compared.

Marble Surface
man wearing fedora hat sitting at a table holding a glass and bottle of DADyJones vodka at the table


Our clients are open-minded, bold and reserved to a point.  They are also fun, easy going with an in-your-face attitude (in a subtle manner).

They are mature and confident, no matter their age.  It shows in the way they dress, how they interact with others and the way they live their life, making no excuses or needing approval.  They enjoy the finer things in life but they’re also frugal.  Once in a while they’ll buy that expensive bottle of spirit but for their regular entertainment needs, they’ll buy based on quality, price and popularity.


They enjoy drinking socially and responsibly.


A vodka that awakens your senses!

Marble Surface
cob of fresh corn

Produced from natural corn and distilled 6x, our vision was to create a strong, smooth, and bold tasting vodka that needed to please the palate and awakens the senses, while allowing the juices to flow to the tongue in anticipation of the taste that would match that bold aroma.


Our vodka had to have character, personality, something you can smell and taste, leaving a lingering effect on your taste buds. It reminds you of your grandpa’s moonshine recipe but smoother, better.  

When you open a bottle, the aroma immediately takes hold of your senses.  At first you experience the unexpected boldness of the alcohol, and once you've adjusted to it, you get the sweet smell of the corn, lightly intoxicating you with anticipation.  The flavor is like an explosion that attacks your taste buds, and if you allow it to linger on your tongue  just a bit, it mellows out,  and goes down with a smooth finish. The bonus is that lingering tingle on your lips acting as a reminder of what you just experienced.

I believe we accomplished what we set out to do. We invite all to experience the uniqueness of DADyJones vodka.