We thank you for sharing your fedoras with us.

MR WILLIAMS holding bottle

Mr. Williams

Mr. Williams enjoying his bottle of DADyJones vodka. He loves the ease of the twist off cork.

MS KING holding bottle
MS KING bottle with fedora hat
MS KING sitting holding bottle

Ms. King

"DADyJones got me feeling SEXY. Had to put on my Fedora."

MS DAVIS wearing hat holding bottle
MS DAVIS  bottle on counter
MS DAVIS bottle and hat

Ms. Davis

"I love the label with the fedora on it, the smell and the taste is phenomenal.  It went down smoothly."

MS KRISTY hugging the bottle
MS KRISTY holding bottle
Krissy smiling holding bottle
Krissy holding bottle


"Rockin' my fedora with DADyJones.  I love it!"

Ms. Kristy

"I'm not letting go of my DADyJones."

Ms. Almonte holding bottle
Ms Almonte bottle on counter

Ms. Almonte

"I'm so excited to finally get my DADyJones. It's smooth just the way I like it!"

TRACY sitting down
TRACY standing up


"DADyJones is very tasty and smooth.  I love the tingle it leaves on the tongue."

BETTY holding bottle
MR. CLYDE holding bottle
MR. CLYDE bottle on arm
MR. CLYDE bottle drinking

Mr. Clyde

"Finally got my DADyJones.  Proud of my uncle!"

Ms. Betty

"I'm proud of my brother's DADyJones Vodka. I'm putting it on the shelf with my Obamas' collection."

TEDDY HALL barbequing
Two bottles, closed and empty

Mr. DeRoche

"Yes we enjoyed it! It is smooth with no hangover lol! 🤣 We finished one bottle in one day 🤣🤣🤣"

Teddy Hall

"DADyJones goes great with barbeque."

Corey Bynum

"The bottle was empty in the blink of an eye!!!!! This is high quality stuff right here."



"I've tried a lot of vodkas but I have to say that this is hands down the best! If you're a vodka lover like myself DADyJones is the way to go.  It goes down smooth, you don't even need to mix it. It's so good you need to drink it with caution.  I will be getting this vodka from now on!"

Gina L.

"I'm not much of a vodka drinker but after tasting DADyJones Vodka, it will definitely be my go-to vodka from now.  I love the smell and the taste is so addicting. The best part is that it's so smooth. I love it!"

MARIO N TONY (2).jpg
Patrick and family


"I can't drink because of medical reasons, but I brought a case to give as Christmas gifts to my co-workers.  It was the best gift I could have given.  So much great feedback.  They loved it!  In their own words; it was superb, light, smooth. Some of them can't believe they drank the entire bottle in one night and want to order more."

Mario & Tony

"If you want something different from the rest, try DADyJones vodka.  It's the BEST. Cheers!"


"It's the best vodka I've tasted. I love it!"

Bottle on dining table
bottle on corner of coffee table with two shot glasses

Rafael Cantillo

Junior & Pam

"This vodka is smooth!  It's a slow creeper with no hangover. We love drinking it neat and on-the-rocks."