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ally-Ann Delpeche

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Rob Macon Jones

Allow us to introduce ourselves, the owners of DADyJones Vodka, Dally-Ann Delpêche and Robert Jones. Just to elaborate on what DADyJones stands for, DAD are the initials of Dally-Ann and Jones is Robert’s last name.  The y was added to make it sound like ‘daddy Jones’ but it's written as one word.  Another way to look at it is that in the Spanish language, ‘y’ means ‘and’.  Therefore, it’s appropriate to say that DADyJones means DAD and Jones.

DADyJones Vodka was incepted in the mist of the pandemic.  We realized that it was the right opportunity to become entrepreneurs.  With our combined experience in retail, hospitality, entertainment, food & beverage, public speaking, product trainer, sales and much more, we went out on a whim and decided to go into the alcohol business.  We knew it would be new to us, challenging and a hard industry for a newcomer to come into.  Luckily, neither one of us believe in backing down from a challenge.  Our motto is, “If you don’t try then how will you know?”  We are also strong believers that failure is in not trying.  This is not to say that we came into this blindly.  We did our research, chose which path was best and understood our limitations (but only if you allow it).  We are focused into putting all of our efforts in making DADyJones Vodka a well recognized brand, enjoyed by all who appreciate a strong, bold and smooth vodka.


Aug 15- Aug 17, 2021 / Winston Salem, NC

We attended the conference as a first step in working towards getting DADyJones Vodka in the North Carolina ABC stores.  It was a very educational three-day event and networking opportunity.  We had a wonderful time, meeting great people who openly offered their support and advice.  So grateful we had the opportunity to be there and participate.  Thank you NCAABCB for welcoming us!





October 25, 2021

We were fortunate to be invited and attend the Maceo's Kids 11th Annual Scholars Golf Classic, held in Villa Rica, GA at the beautiful scenic Mirror Lakes Golf Club.  The foundation is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to Mentoring, Aspiring CEOs.  The mission is to provide educational programs for the purpose of improving the capability of youth to make a confident career path decision that will provide them with hands-on experience to become successful entrepreneurs.

Meeting the Founders of Maceo's Kids, Mr. Maceo Brown and his wife, Alicia Brown was such an honor.  Hearing their stories, you understand where the passion and dedication comes from for wanting to offer these young scholars the opportunity of paving a successful path for their future.  On the other side of the coin, Mr. and Mrs. Brown are also paving a path for new and small businesses like us, to be able to showcase our products, network and make connections with ATL's top CEOs.  We had a wonderful time.  Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity!


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